Dipali Aphale


An adaptive cast that improves patient compliance.



Patient compliance is one of the leading deterrents in effective post-operative recovery and chronic treatment, especially for operations on the leg. A design solution that increases compliance by replacing a user’s behavioral inefficiencies was formulated to create a more beneficial experience for patients during at-home care.

The concept is that the cast would be driven by data, tracking a patient’s physical movements using an accelerometer to depict whether their leg is vertical or horizontal. The cast would take this data and adjust air-bladders in the cast lining to fit what works best for the patients recovery based on their limb orientation. If the patient’s leg is vertical, then the air-bladders would inflate and tighten around the leg to promote stability of the limb. If the patient’s leg is horizontal, then the air-bladders would deflate and loosen around the leg to promote circulation of blood. In addition, the tracked data could be sent to the doctor and the patient to see their movement trends and further improve their mobility. The inflation mechanism in an ant's foot was used as inspiration from parallel research in bio-design.

Arolium poster.jpg