Dipali Aphale



a game of chase



Our team was tasked to create a "playful space" using Unity 3D, a game engine. To do so, we had to familiarize ourselves with coding using Javascript and Unity 3D native codes in order to create players, environments, rules, etc.

The approach towards learning how to code was perpetuated through hacking with collaborative and interdisciplinary teams made up of industrial designers and graphic designers from junior to graduate level students.  Our varied knowledge of code, 3D modeling, and third-party programs made for productive meetings and well rounded outputs.

Our team decided to grow our playful space into a systemic game that incorporated designated key commands, three levels, power ups, and the option to test your agility time and time again.   



Luis Zapata

Tyler Hayes

Blaise Bolemon

Dipali Aphale


teamwork makes the dream work

The team went through a series of thought mapping exercises to work out ideas and pull together a shared vision.  We consistently documented our process to help refer back to it, and reflect on the steps we had taken to get to certain conclusions.  Below is a time lapse of one of our first group meetings.



Are you up for the challenge?



 Game is playable on Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer-- make sure plug-ins are unblocked!