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Cannabis consulting services on data, strategy, and insights.



We can help you navigate the full data life cycle of your products and services.


Visualizing Information

Nuggets of information from data analysis can be translated into compelling stories through data visualization. This practice transforms technical insights into business decisions, which can lead to the creation of lasting strategies. 

Analyzing Information

Once you have enough data at your fingertips, it's time to understand what that information is saying. Techniques like exploratory data analysis and predictive modeling are just a few ways to get a clear picture of your business. 

Collecting Information

Embarking on your data journey begins with collecting the right information. Whether through spreadsheets or databases, understanding how to build sustainable data collection processes will set you up for success in the long run. 



About the Founder

Pooja Aphale is a data professional and entrepreneur offering her experience in consulting and technology to the cannabis industry. 

She believes there is a strong need for newly emerging cannabis businesses to focus on data. She has helped her clients with market entry strategy, customer segmentation, business process improvements, and more. 

Pooja received her Masters in Analytics from the Institute for Advanced Analytics and has held senior positions at Deloitte Consulting and Walmart eCommerce.