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battery powered ice crusher



Crush+ is a fresh take on current ice crushers provided in the market. It incorporates technologies from varying ends of the house wares spectrum by having a conglomerate of product functions.  A constraint for the power supply was that it needed to use an 18V lithium ion battery.

This ice crusher is envisioned to be used mostly at group gatherings and large celebratory events.  However, tailgating was used as a proxy to engage with environments that yield similar research results when analyzing and testing the user landscape.  This project had an emphasis on profit and sellability of a product.



Professor Timothy Buie

North Carolina State University

Fall 2015

Literature Review

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The initial research phase was used to peak my understanding of tailgating as a social landscape and profitable environment. The statistics above are key points (found in reliable journals, articles, and websites) that provided a sufficient foundation of tailgating knowledge. Quantitative and qualitative data was gathered to form semi-conclusive ideas about a potential product.


This literature review prompted two preliminary directions:




A product that has humanistic value through the implication of sentiment and experience.


waste reduction.


A product that focuses on topics such as energy conservation, waste reduction, etc.


Ethnography Study

To conduct primary research, I ventured to several tailgates to grasp a first hand understanding of the system that tailgating develops..  The people there were carefully interviewed, candidly photographed, and intently observed for consideration of possible project directions.  However, there was something that caught my eye at just about every gathering of people- and that was ice.



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Light + Waste
Ice Crusher

Ice Crusher

Ice Crusher

Ice Crusher

Form + Ice Crusher

Form + Ice Crusher


After primary + secondary research... 


I circled back to my original directions- community and sustainability. Community provided a more sentimental lens to design around and had a better outlook for marketability.  In addition, I kept in mind the constraint of creating a product powered by a detachable, cross-functional battery.


After observations and interviews...


it became apparent that the direction of which this product would cater to would deal with ice.  Through phase one of ideation, accompanied by discussions with my peers, the idea behind the CRUSH+ ice crusher centered its focus on the manipulation of ice.



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The specialty mechanism in the CRUSH+ ice maker is in the concentric rings that lay on the base of the middle section, and interact with the top and the wall profiles.  Each wall profile is connected to two concentric rings, such that when the rings rotate in the opposite direction, the wall profiles rotate as well.  This allows the wall profiles to rotate into the top wall so that when the ice is done being crushed, the user can turn the top and remove it without the wall profiles getting caught on the blades. 

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