Dipali Aphale


Grand Design Challenge

cross-disciplinary project on the future of animal protection

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Royal College of Art brought together teams of students from Innovation Design Engineering, Design ProductsFashion, and Global Innovation Design as it held its first cross-program collaborative platform to tackle one of the world’s significant wicked design problems: the future of protection. This is a broad area that looks at how smart design thinking can tackle some of the events and developments that produce risk to life or affect social cohesion. Students were encouraged to think about context, considering emergent technologies, speculating future innovations, or alternatively looking at resource constrained innovation.

Our team was tasked with a brief under the category of Protecting People in Motion. It was initially meant to address personal protection and safety for all types of human mobility. However, after researching safety regarding people, we came to the conclusion that the designing for the safety of humans was quite saturated and not a holistic approach to how our human modes of motion interacted with the rest of the world. We sought out to seek a speculative design solution for animals and their interaction with the built environment of human transportation.



Pascal Rommé

Chuanxu Li

Shan Zhang

Dipali Aphale

This video serves as a synopsis of our team's research, findings, process, and our final concept.